Sunday, February 12, 2012

Email alert keeps you out                                                              
Email alert informs the user on processes inside CRM. Is the alert making the user seek for more information inside the system or does it keep him out?

Sales regional manager just got an email, into his outlook, with the pipeline status, showing the summary of all open deals within his team.  Will he login to the CRM to look on the deals which are close to winning, or maybe the ones that are stuck in the beginning? It depends on the manager reaction to the email and also on his belief in the CRM reliability when it comes to the pipeline picture.

As part of the adoption process, we ask the users to login in order to add new deal, to update an existing one, to view the pipeline and plan the forecast for the next period.  It is important to establish the CRM as his headquarter and decrease the usage of other applications when it comes to sales management.

At least in the beginning, CRM users must act inside the system, in order to make traffic of information and increase the login time. Many email alerts, reflecting the information inside the CRM, make the user passive and out of the system, with no reason to login. In this way, the CRM is missing his knowledge and experience to the selling process.

Email alert, made in the right way and in the right phase of the process, can arouse the interest of a user to login. But in the same time, it can damage the system attraction and become a reason for low usage.

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